Counting down …

The van is scheduled to roll out of Jeff’s shop in about a week.  Here are week old pictures showing the progress.

  • Solar panels are installed but not yet secured.  The frame that Aluminess built isn’t wide enough to bolt the panels directly to the rack.  Jeff is going to fabricate clamps, four per panel, to hold the panels in place.
  • Cabinets are finished and bolted into the van.  The door faces are done, too, but won’t be installed until later.
  • The water tank (20 gallons), exterior water fill, water pump, and water filter are installed.
  • The slide out desk is partly built.  The last half of the desk surface is hinged and isn’t installed yet.
  • The toilet is mounted and will vent underneath the van to avoid cutting another hole in the side of the van.
  • The shower pan area is cut out but not installed yet.
  • The sink and cooktop have been test fit.  Unfortunately, the hoped for double sink won’t fit.  The counter is a few inches too shallow to fit a faucet with a double sink.  If we had known earlier, we would have made the cabinet a few inches deeper.
  • Exterior work lights and awning are installed.
  • The gray water tank is installed but not quite finished.
  • The propane is plumbed to the interior of the van.  RVI did a nice job mounting the regulator and the black iron gas line out of harm’s way.
  • The thermostat and battery monitor are mounted.
  • The bed foundation is built. Next, Jeff will weld the bed frame and hooks for the Metolius ladder.

Floors, cabinets, and more photos

Here are more photos of the build.  Work is moving along quickly now, and we’ll be driving off into the snowy sunset soon.

First up, we have the battery box housing four SunXTender Group 4D AGMs.  Jeff’s team designed and custom built this box, and I’m very happy with the result.  The box is bolted to the frame and won’t have any effect on departure angle.  Also, there’s enough room above and next to the box to access battery terminals without lowering the box.  The P-trap for the shower will drop down into the small empty space in the corner.

Inside, we have the cabinet face frames nearly complete, the flooring installed, and a box for the shower pan finished.  Also, the counter top material arrived.


Furring and Wiring Complete

The “guts” of our walls are complete, and Jeff at RVI is ready to seal them up behind fabric and panelling.

Here are some photos of what the inside of van walls looked like as the furring and wiring were being built. The photos are of wiring and wood, prior to placement of insulation. In the pictures, the upstairs is mostly complete and the downstairs is being built. Insulation then gets layered on top, and then the whole thing gets sealed behind wood or fabric.

Tiny Houses We Love

Inspiring homes for tiny house living:

Styrofoam Forts: Mocking Up a Van Build

Mocked up the interior of the van with duct tape and styrofoam. Thanks to Sportsmobile Forum users for advising this method. We learned a lot through the process, and then redesigned several aspects of the build.

We used styrofoam to build some pieces of furniture that we needed to see in 3 dimensions. We used tape to mark outlines for the rest.