Home Sweet Home

We had a nice house, a 1923 bungalow with hardwood floors, in a nice midtown Tulsa neighborhood.  We had a nice little park with swings, a pizza parlor, and a gourmet bakery all within a few minutes walk.  We had all the brand-name shopping the credit card could handle within a short drive.  We had good corporate jobs.

Or, rather, it all had us.  In our “time off”, we’d get to clean and maintain the house.  On a good weekend, we’d get to drive six hours or more to go camping or kayaking.  There had to be something better.

So, we’ve sold the house and moved into a 70 square foot van.  Life is simpler.  My backyard is everywhere.  When it’s kayaking season, the rivers are my backyard.  When it’s ski season, the mountains are my backyard.  When it’s beer season, the micro-breweries are my backyard.  Instead of cuddling up every night with my television showing awesome places, I can open my doors and see high-definition 3D awesome.  Travel is routine because I’m always packed and my house has wheels.

Our choice brings us closer to the things we care about and further from the things we don’t.  This blog is our story.  I hope you find inspiration.