Roof Rack and Front Bumper Installed

We returned to Aluminess for installation of a roof rack and front bumper. Check out this beautiful hardware! We love the sleek design of the roof rack — just enough to hold the solar panels without making the roof too tall. Alan also squared the rack corners to provide more room for panels.





We also got a tour of Kenny Gorham’s home brew serving system. He’s adapted an Aluminess deluxe box to tap a keg and CO2 canister.






Looking forward to finally getting the solar panels in, after which we’ll install them on the roof rack. The rack cross members can unbolt from the permanent feet, so Aluminess will be able to lift the rack up when it’s time to bolt on the solar panels.

We’re also deciding on a winch and hi-lift jack to add to the front bumper. The winch is permanently installed behind the bumper, so selecting a bumper also involves selecting a winch. Tom from Badlands 4×4 Adventures provided helpful advice on selecting a winch and accessories. Kenny Gorham, Brent Haywood, and Sportsmobile Forum users also shared useful tips.

We look forward to taking classes with Tom in the Spring so that we can learn how to effectively and safely use our vehicle rescue gear.

Thank you to Dave, Kenny, and Alan for the excellent work on the rack project.

Next up: Van interior build starts next week (finally!).